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Slot WANTED $26

AppleSux wrote:

I launched BC today without starting my VPN and it redirects to the above site. Looks like they have a gaming license in the UK now.

Hopefully they will support GBP FIAT. deposits and bandit can stop fcking moaning about the fees despite dozens of us telling him how he can do it a lot cheaper (… account at Kraken, free GBP fiat deposit, convert to USDT send to BC, total cost $11 for $4000, not the insane $150 he insists on paying)

Deposit fees are cheap, but Withdrawal fees are very high, BC casino also charges withdrawal fees up to VIP level 30, and Coinbase or Kraken withdrawal fees are very expansive

Kraken charger about £45 for £1000

Coinbase charger £50 for £1000

Bitpanda charger £20 for £1000

Bandit withdrawal was £45k that mean is going to be a very high charger