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Beatsman WANTED $1

Bamboozler wrote:

Beatsman wrote:

Hi mate.

It’s a site called Winstler Casino.

check out gates of Olympus and dead or a wild specifically. That’s where I noticed the issues.

if they do play differently, do I have a case for getting my money back?

im considering approaching my bank.

just don’t know where I stand.

Please god tell me this is a wind up merchant and not just the dumbest person on the planet.

he/she should draw comfort from the fact that it is licensed in Curacao and is not part of the “GAMESTOP” system.


I came here for some advice pal. I understand it’s a big mistake on my behalf now. But what’s done is done.

what did you mean by Drawing comfort that it’s licensed and not part of GameStop? Does it help me in my claim with the bank?