Reply To: Slot requests

Bloodshot WANTED $2

Hello mate, it’s been a long while since I hit these forums! Chuffed that you’ve been relesaing more viddis and great to see some sick wins.

Being a UK resident im scuppered by the UKGC – so all of my time gambling is bloody individual spins, click.. click…click.

HOWEVER, ive had some nice wins on a few and sharing them here if you wanted a bash yourself.

-Pine of Plinko (Taken my head for many a shit playing this one)


-Road Rage (I know you aren’t keen but its paid)

-Hellvis Wild (can go nuts)

-Shinobi Spirit (potential but took me ages to spin in the bonus)

-Nightmares VS Gigablocks (I can see the potential.. i got some of the way, hoping you’d get further)


As I said these are all spun in, best of luck as always if you decide to have a bash on these, .. just best of luck with all the sessions πŸ™‚

Peace BS