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Nomadsteve WANTED $1

The Bandit wrote:

Mwright82 wrote:

Hey Bandit, please can you tell me your secret for no hangovers, how mate how lol, nah Bandit I think you should try and beat the wagering aswel, just go the highest stake they allow you and you never know, ask the casino if bonus buys count towards your wagering also as I know the big streamers online are able to have this option so wagering you have a good chance if you hit a big one, you might aswel use it up it breaks my heart to see it not be attempted lol, great to have you back more frequently, thanks Steve.

I think it probably comes from practice, conservatively in the last 12 months i’d say i’ve drank 4000 pints at least ha – yeah i know, that is nothing to be proud of!

The secret is to keep dinking and just stay drunk,