Reply To: Slot requests

Jsw2019 WANTED $1

Hello, few things to consider for your videos, which I enjoy watching.

Possibly look at different providers, avatar ux have a lot of pop games with huge potential, and relax have made so many titles again with massive potential.

I could suggest so many more games but would also like to highlight different features that you may have missed or did not know were there.


Games such as chilli bandit from slotmill, with the big chilli’s. Has a mini feature in which you oay less for 1 spin and can land all 3 chilli’s.

Elk games have mini feature spins in them aswell  so maybe rabbit royale, can land 2 or 3 rabbits and you get the 1 spin.

Possibly turbo spinning a few bonuses in instead of buying them  to see if the outcome is different to bonus buys.

Possibly the way you play on mr vegas but on thus site, so you hunt the games instead and hopefully leave with a profit.

I wish you all the best and would love to see some high stake bonuses on buffalo king og, madame d og and other older slots