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Phil, on my earlier question you said that regardless of stake, if u had say bought a feature on 20p at 10:33:33.0125 pm , had I instead bought it at £5 on the exact same millisecond I would have got the same feature.

However I can’t see how this fits in with the RTP. LET’S take  my say £200 win (2000x) only results in a small dent to the machine overall RTP. but following your response, that same win at £5 would have been £5000. So it would affect the RTP more ?? and if instead they played £100 spins it would have been 100k.

Where this could benefit the likes of me im thinking is when I watch says Xposed or Trainwrecks spunking 500k on Wanted Dead or Alive, could I get some if that RTP on lower stakes?




RTP isnt a real time thing to track. Each spin is random. Think of it like roulette, someone winning 36 quid on a number will not stop the next spin where someone bets 1mil on a number from landing the same number.


We have several games on our clients which are lifetime WAY over 100% RTP due to 2 or 3 big winners on those games, and they are still going to be that way for a long time until someone loses at huge stakes.