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AppleSux wrote:

Hi Phil, not so much a question more a statement. In the above screenshot in Millionaire I was playing 80c a spin, 400 down! and finally get a feature. I gambled it from 8-10-12-14-16-18-20-25 spins. It gave me an 8c win on the 2bd spin followed by 18 dead spins then another 64c and 4 more dead spins. So I didn’t even get 1x !!! HOW THE F*** IS THAT LEGAL? I Mean it could have chosen to kill me on any of the 7 gambles I won but didn’t. Just fcked up programming or something more suspicious?

Trust me.. its not suspicious. Each result of the bonus round is programmed from millions of results. A few of them will be very low returns. 72c is super low and hardly ever happens on 25 spins but it will be an option. You just got unlucky. Its legal as its what it has to do within RTP to be at the right level. If that bonus landed a win every spin for most bonuses then the RTP of the game would be 1000%+. Its just random chance sadly.