Reply To: Crypto Casino Journey – Questions and Answers

SeiZui WANTED $8

Hello everyone.

@Bandit  Dude, you need some administrator in here if you’re too busy to do it your self.

I came here to seek for genuine informations about crypto casinos but its fudging hard scrolling through 39 pages full of greetings and bonus buy requests….  just to find that 1 ir 2 posts from somebody who actually has knowledge  and experience and anything to say in crypto casinos subject.

Im on the page 13 and i just fed up so I decided to type all this.

Since Bandit initial  post informations were not sufficient enough and few other people added some interesting comments i would be greatful for specific detailed informations to the questions below.

1. Which exchange/wallet is best. (kraken? i heard coinbase block ppl  that gamble)

2. What do I need to provide to this casino in the worst case in terms of information? (passport id dont worry about mine isn’t uk one, proof of address  – and if what then as mine is from uk?? selfie?  )

3. Is playing on this casino only doable on the computer or there is a way (using nord?) to play as well on the android. And if… how?

4. Does the choosing specific internet browser matters?

5. What about withdrawal (non affiliate and either signed up to the casino with code or without)

Since I already saw Bandit withdrawal screenshots <span style=”font-size: 1rem;”>I also would love to see response from someone who isn’t an affiliate there and who did all above and got the payout (or not).</span><span style=”font-size: 1rem;”>I</span>

<span style=”font-size: 1rem;”> think there was one person stating withdrawal of over 10k in total and max win on to the moon on this casino, but i saw few comments from other person having lost the money when trying to withdraw.</span>

Please respond and thanks.