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mattowl1867 wrote:

This thread is so good I’ve signed into my account here form the first time in a year or so 😂

Really appreciate the insight Phil, and some really great questions and answers being given.

I have a few now:

What do you know about the game ’20p Roulette’ from IG? Both in cabinet form and online. Is it mega pre determined? Does it sense where you’re laying your chips at? Does it ‘know’ if you’re chasing a certain section?


What do you know about Nouveau Roulette from Relax gaming? I like to play this one, it’s computer based still but looks better I think. Still takes ya money like… Feels very rigged at times, the way it falls or bounces around. Obviously it’s been designed to react that way in simulation… Seem to have huge barren spells or quick short sharp wins amounting to decent amounts very quickly.




What do you think is the easiest slot to bonus, ever? Steam tower maybe… Wild north?… Golden colts? Just interested to know.


What slot would you say is the best / most potential for a UK player grinding away for a bonus without buying it?

Is it better to see a scatter flashing pass on a tease, or is it better to see the reel looking empty of them until it crawls into view? Or nay difference


When a game has a random feature that may pop up (sausage party, Rik n Morty, Goonies etc), is that result predetermined immediately ,the second the reels pause for a moment, as the spin brings in the feature reveal? Does any game have a genuine click and choose type feature? Where the result behind the item is actually what you could have won…


And finally when a slot bonus ‘spins itself to death’ or is ‘scared to hit something at this multiplyer’… Is that possibly a real thing? Or just bad luck.


Thanks again and really appreciate any insight, I get it if my questions are a bit too waffly lol 😂



1 – apparently 20p.roulette is random. When you click it gives a random number. Obviously you know from where it starts the spin where it Will land but the number is random it seems.


2 – they program specific imagery of how the ball.lands in each number. Take 13… one has it land straight in, and one has it bounce wildly back from around 4. It’s the same as 20p.roulette how the number is drawn but the visuals have more options.


3 – easiest slot to bonus… anything with a bonus buy? Haha. On the base game.for sure wild North or golden colts. Hardest game is tougher. Bonanza is up there.


4 – Potential? In what way.. if your wanting a hard bonus with a nice return then any BTG slot works. I’d avoid anything with a super bonus as it’s so hard to trigger. If I’m grinding a bonus balance I’d always say bonanza, Tombstone, many of the playngo slots.


5 – no difference on scatters. Book of dead/legacy/DOA2 is different as those reels are fixed. If it flashes by it won’t come back as they aren’t random reels.


6 – yes they are all predetermined. Anything with a pick option in the bonus or mini feature is already locked.


7 – mostly the slot amount win is predetermined. Some slots (sugar rush etc) need the multis to pay the amounts it needs to so that I’d be less worried about spinning to death. But something by prag or Blueprint can give a big win at any multi then just fuck off. Push is the weird example of this… retro tapes can give you an epic setup then just vanish.. or thr same setup and fill up a max win. I’ve had a max and a zero bonus off the same tape setup.


Hope that helps.