Reply To: NOT BIG WINS – Your WTF! moments

AppleSux WANTED $2

Not sure if this beats my first post but it’s newer so feels it..
Playing Dead Canary today for hours, regular play not buys..
$300 down on 80c spins I get feature with two golden birds. Signs bad from beginning, kept killing 1x birds and paid 20x..I’m like WTF that’s meant to be super.
Stupidly kept playing, upped to $1 spins. After another 400 losses, 5 feature all paying under 30x I again get the 2 golden birds feature. This one feels better. One vault opened, 50x coin immediately. Few kills getting another 40x banked Then beer next to the remaining bird!, Miner follows and then eat boy. I’m like WTF yes come on. 25x coin next to ratty, miner up over 120x, then 3x ratty, 100x miner..go go go.. gets to ratty spewing 240x a spin to the others, miner now collecting 2k+ but the friggin poison and bombs don’t kill them..ends up with 16000x in birds and another 2500x in unlocked vaults and kills me..INSANE..119X payout with 18540x stuck.. lifetime changing money for me . Feel like I was MUGGED