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Quick question I’m trying to sign up to the same casino Steve is on using a vpn connected to Ireland I registered popped to live chat and they closed my account cause I’m from UK but the vpn was connected to Ireland why can’t I register there as I see loads of video makers streamers all from uk register and play there can you give me advice on how to go about it


I’d suggest a better VPN. ExpressVPn surfshRk or nord. And I’d use Norway for it.

FYI Im using ProtonVPN for FREE and use Japan. For some reason BC block Netherlands which is also free. Yeah i know some of you will show me the cross for daring to use a free VPN but it dont use my crypto wallet, i add funds via a central exchange so the money is held by BC not me directly. What i like about it is i can use it on my smart TV which not all VPN providers offer.