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r4m3 wrote:

Hey Phil,

my question is more about how you play. So with your knowledge and more logical thinking than most of people- if you have bonuses like for example Extra Chilli where you can risk entire bonus for few more spins; or have like five different types of bonus games in one slot and you can risk to get better one or random amount of money- how do you play? Do you prefer to risk it or take basic ones, or maybe it just depends how you feel in specific moment?

I’d always gamble it. Your basically buying a bigger chance at a big win. You can collect 8 sure but your chances of a max win are hugely smaller. I’d always gamble It up as the gamble averages are around 100% rtp once you buy the bonuses. Its usually a true gamble chance. So I’m always taking it as its essentially risk free over long term.