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ImperialDragon wrote:

Hi Phil, and thanks for this Q&A thread.

My question is quite petty compared to most of the others on here.  No particular slot or provider, but I find that on a teasing spin, the 3rd scatter (or 4th if relevant) misses by 1 position, and my perception is that it happens a lot.  More so than any other type of tease where the 3rd/4th is nowhere to be seen.  So my question is: am I over-imagining this or are slots really programmed like this as a form of gambler’s fallacy to keep the player playing?

Most slots are built in a way to generate teases. There have been a huge number of studies on this and the truth is players get more excited for somehting “almost” landing than if it actually does. Look at Steve on ReelKing gambles, he gets so tense on the last click. Its all aimed at that feeling of “almost”. They cannot over-do it though, it has to be int he realms of RG also, so thats why there arent teases every spin, but 100% thats why slow teases and “walking past waving” occurs