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My take on the Crpyto casino Boom , I have taken some time to read through others feedback and also spent a few weeks playing at two Crypto casinos to compare .

Depositing and Withdrawing 

I find this part really easy but possibly because I already have experience of purchasing a little bit of crypto in the past , but generally speaking I pay by debit card through Moonpay and withdrawals go back to my Zengo wallet which can be withdrawn to my bank in minutes .

I have to say withdrawals were a concern at first would these guys pay was my worry or would they hold a withdrawal for days , answer Is these guys pay withdrawals Into my wallet within 2-3 minutes it’s like instant approval no messing around ,  no documents no questions just there’s your money see you next time . This is how it should be the UK bookies and sites are governed / controlled by government it’s not always that they don’t want to pay they just have to ask questions before they pay to suit their parents who then so they can keep making billions a year with no fines .

Once the cash is in my wallet from the casino it takes a couple of minutes to sell the bitcoin to cash and then it’s in my bank .

Fees are a bit of a twat I think from  a grand withdrawal I paid about £100 quid in fees but I possibly am not doing it the META way but I like this way personally for me . If anybody has easier ways and cheaper I’d be all ears.

Bonus Buys 

I have to say one of the reasons I wanted to play crypto casinos was the excitement of bonus buying , not waiting hours for a bonus to land and seeing all the crazy features happening , sadly this has been the worst part of my journey , absolutely shocking the bonus buys are . I have tried almost every game you can think of with every provider and bonus bugs simply are not profitable or enjoyable . I would probably say I won on 10% of the boys 90% loss.

One huge issue with bonus buys is the initial cost is say an average 100x buy , so you are already expecting / hoping for 100x just to get your money back , so the bonus begins with a stress then usually it pays fuck all with 7 dead spins from 10 and you are pretty pissed from start to finish . Multiply this by the amount of buys you have you just leave with a sense of stress and no entertainment. When landing a base game bonus we have a sense of joy / relief to hit the bonus which can’t be matched by pressing buy now , there’s an adrenaline around landing a bonus you cannot replicate , also you miss so many base games features and wins , sometimes base games pay you for the bonus your about to hit then you hit 100x this is the only way you’ll ever win in any game .

Bandit and others simply have the means from their own successes to afford to buy 100 bonuses and get one really good one and in a way they need the content to be successful so bonus buys are essential for that reason , for everyday gamblers who want a bit of fun and make a bit of cash bonus buys have to be avoided you lose the gun element and cash very quickly .


in particular I would say the No limit games are a disgrace games like StackEm, Mental etc they all cost a fortune to buy Ive even tried the “super “ 500 x buys and they pay 20x it’s a complete rip off . Also with Nolimit it’s fucking pointless base game playing as you have to hit the super bonus naturally to have any chance and they take 13 years to land , honestly avoid the hype of the max wins shite tell me a person who’s hit a max with on no limit via a base game , it’ll be 1 in a million . One positive is they can go crazy and you can win thousands from 20p insanely volatile but let’s be honest most of us if we backed 3 horses in a 4 horse would lose because gambling is designed for us to lose, so take it from me your never hitting that jackpot or that max win your honestly not going to do it so don’t expect it .

Pragmatic line up right next to Nolimit , absolutely shocking and so very boring , there bonus buy games pay generally 40-60x out of 100 and if they are a profit you might win 110-130 x that’s it , once in a blue moon they go off their tits but their games are dull as fuck as easily readable you know when your bonus is ending and after 1-2 spins you know you’ve lost programming is a joke .

BTG – I find these the fairest in bonus buys and the most potential but also very volatile you might get 0x or 1x exactly like them all to be fair but I would say these at least give you your bonus and play out no gambling bullshit to win 80 spins with 80x multi to just get 10x anyway .

other providers Netent Micro quick spin, play n go  etc are all consistently ok dairy ok to bonus but don’t have the same crazy potential as others I’d say stick to these if you just fancy a few bonuses and a bit of fun ,

Crypto Casino Positives  

Bonus money , first off their bonus money and wagering rebates are actually really solid , I read a comment on here about crypto bonus is no good bullshit crypto coin, bollocks , they actually pay you your deposit bonus in cash based on your wagering or levelling up just get a random few as your playing collect it and it totals up in a cash pot for you to withdraw or play . If your expecting to deposit 10 and get 100 cash your on cuckoo land .

If anybody’s still reading which your probably bored by now so I’ll try and finish here, quick spins and auto play is the perfect reason for crypto’s it’s all we want in the UK to not wait an hour to land a bonus or to lose track of how many spins we have put through this is the fun element and also means your not sat for hours unless you want to be :

In the games section these guys tend to tell you “recent biggest win” which will give you an X to work on , if you see a game with recent biggest win of 60x you know it’s probably not great , they label the providers easily can find any game you want . If your having issues with “ game restricted in area” just mess around with your VPN I find Norway the best for all games personally .


Theres no deposit limit options so you have to be controlled or else your fucked if you think you may spaff your rent then jib it off as you’ll have no protection from casino that way .

Support is weak if you have issues I can’t imagine them being resolved quickly, try and screenshot and use videos but ultimately these guys work on their own laws .

Bandit , your content as always is brilliant but it’s not about the bonuses or buys or stake you’ve just got the personality to host an hours video and entertain , will always have moaners and jealous pricks but their sat watching you every week still,Appreciated efforts