Reply To: Lower payouts since UKGC regulations

ImperialDragon WANTED $59

The biggest change that happened for me was when the UKGC banned the roulette terminals in the bookies 4 years ago.  I never played bookies roulette but I did play on the fruit/slot machine style games in the arcades.  When the roulette ban came into force, the arcade machines started offering roulette games with a fortune spins.  It’s kinda like a bonus buy but you have to spin spin spin to get it (£1 or £2 at a time) until you get it.  Then this also made its way over to slot games and it was then that the slots became notedly worse for me.

The online side of things haven’t changed much for me though as most of the UKGC rules didn’t affect me except for autoplay.  I bust out in most months but I still get the odd 200X to 800X wins on the slots that I normally play on.  What I do miss though is being able to autoplay while grabbing a cup of tea to find that it has bonused itself when I came back to my PC.