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AppleSux WANTED $6

Slot wrote:

looks like you never played on BC casino first buying £1000 crypto is cheap.. from wallet to crypto casino you get a charger min 1.5% up to 5%, and with withdrawal from BC casino you get a charger of about $8 for $100 cashout… from Wallet to your bank you get charger also… and when you ask for £44.000 withdrawal  from the casino to your wallet you get an easy charger $200 min from your wallet to your bank easy you get charger 2% (£880)

so pls stop BS,

WHAT BULLSHIT.. I Use BC and i can PROVE my fees. i deposit viA kRAKEN IN GBP WHICH IS FREE. Kraken charge 0.26% crypto buying fee so as i said £1000 is £2.60. I can then send Matic via Polygon network for 0.5Matic which is 27p today..If you are stupid enough to use your wallet to buy cash you are the idiot. Dont take my word for it. Go to and see for yourself.