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Diddlydurph wrote:

So, I have and etoro currently. Happy to get any others but in the UK does anyone know which is cheaper to transfer to and then sell?

From what I have read etoro seems to have some of the lowest fees around?

NooooNOOOOO NO! Etoro has Zero fees but an ATTRICIOUS BUY RATE.. They charge 0.6% spread. If you dont know what this means. Say BTC was 30k on Binance or Kraken. On EToro they will charge let you buy for 30900 and sell for 29100, hence the 6% spread…

I use Kraken because you can deposit GBP FOR FREE. I then buy either USDT or Matic and send them to BC Game. It only costs £2.6 per £1000. and a one off fee of about 25PENCE for Matic and 15 PENCE for USDT when sending to BC via Polygon Network.

When withdrawing it seems Kraken isnt accepted by BC as a receiver so i send it to Bybit and then from Bybit to Kraken. This only adds another 0.5Matic (or 25p) to the cost..