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Smoothoperator wrote:

Hi Phil, thanks for the reply, but in a nut shell (the casino can fuck you without pleasuring you)? Who knows what tier or “integration” one is playing on? I genuinely have much respect for you bringing up this topic and answering the said topic. With that being said would you say or agree that it’s better to play the game naturally? Or purchase bonus buys?

Ive never bought a bonus, even when they was available, so obviously all my big wins come from just playing the game, Jammin Jars, doa2, deadwood, and Aztec gold megaways.. many others also.. my question is..? Why is it so difficult to land a super bonus and it pays shit!!😂😂

Super bonuses are hard to land as they have a higher avg win. Doesn’t mean it’ll hit all the time. I landed a Tombstone super naturally and it paid 2400x. But I’ve seen a 0x one.


The game is the same in essence as the return on cost is listed in the RTP. The bonuses are different in the sense that the bonus buy ones would naturally pay a bit higher as the RTP is weighted only in the bonus… not in the base game also.


Slots are built with a cumulative RTP. Take vikings by netent. 34% (ish) base game rtp. 62% bonus rtp. With the bonus landing 1 in every 270 spins you can work out the maths there easily.


That’s why some bonuses are weird amounts as it’ll be weighted the same. But super bonuses are so high as the game round itself is different. As there is no base game rtp to balance it.

As for the integration any normal player will always be on the normal one. And the rtp will be as listed in game.

Hope that helps.