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farahtrousers wrote:

I read the report briefly and it was obvious the thing is a mess with UKGC doing what they are allowed and mps who use it as a “i’m doing something worthy for my wage packet” slogan are half or fully out of touch.

What we do know is that more needs to be done to protect the vulnerable. The “i’m not vulnerable” brigade need to stop with their ‘people need to learn to control themslves’ as a reason why no rules should exist and actually get involved in addressing the issues with some ideas and solutions. If bandit style players are comfortable blowing masses of money and it doesn’t harm them, then people should discuss the source of wealth and such issues and these god forsaken companies like VS and so on, should get a f*cking grip on how they deal with it and not as they have proven, make it up as they go along. Companies that f*ck about should be punished. Punters put real money in and sometimes have a hard time getting it back. Those who make it hard, should be shafted with it.

And yes, block players who don’t login on fobts and even those who spend above say £5 a day in the bookies and arcades. I’m truly sorry for who this offends but the current solution is just bs. Get gamban and then hit the streets and lose it there instead. Utterly dumb and I don’t know how we have come this far and no one is stating that.

£1k a day or £2k in 90 days per casino, 10 accounts on different casinos you can still spend £10.000 in 24hrs, GOV cant control gambling, all they doing is pushing Vulnerable to illegal gambling, special now every small streamer is playing in fake money to make you join their links, anyone who joins their links more likely addicted to gambling