Reply To: So… I found this >>> Best way to get a Slot Machine Jackpot!

Weemonk23 WANTED $5

I got 10 mins into the vid just to confirm how idiotic this is. Essentially, take your starting amount of £100. Go on something low volatility and try to double it. When you do just use your profit to go on something else and then try to triple it……..10 mins to get to that point. I guess after this you put the original winnings away and use your profit on something mid volatility.

People watch the video, go to the casino, try this, maybe get lucky and think it’s because of this magical system. What a pile of dog’s bollocks.

As they say in the vid, you’re trying to build a balance (bankroll) so you can on something riskier. Everyone plays differently when gambling but this is not revolutionary. If i deposit £20-40 I’ll play 20p to 40p stakes and hope I get the right slot to begin building my balance. If I do, I up the stake or go on something I know may be a grind to bonus but has potential. Does this work? Sometimes but the key factor is luck. You play a slot(s) at the right time and they pay or you play at the wrong time and they eat your balance.
You can have whatever system makes you feel happy……deposit £500 and have 50 spins at a tenner. You get lucky you’re probably gonna boost that balance quick, you don’t and it’ll be gone in the blink of an eye.

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