Reply To: Verification help

The devil WANTED $76

Not meaning to be an arse but been gambling a lot of years made many mistakes, done stupid shit etc but I’m of the opinion you may be using someone else’s card? Like a partner or family member been there done that in the past maybe because your on gamstop or any other reason and you’ve just acted like it was your own.

i know your saying you could send bank statements which are unfortunately irrelevant but you can block information out on them anyway and forgive me I may be completely miles away with that but if you’d lost your card why would you gamble in the first place and I mean would you not have just sent out for a new card, got that then gambled after because you should know you don’t get away with pretty much anything nowadays.

I cashed out 7 grand years ago and I wasn’t even verified and nothing was ever said but that wouldn’t happen now so tbh I don’t really have a suggestion because if you got another card sent out there different details would alert the casino and you’d have to jump through many hoops to get that sorted.

The only other similar occasion I had an account with rizk casino a while ago I’d made an £80 deposit they’d checked my ID/address everything fine, I was in the middle of a bonus hunt which was going extremely well I think I had 12 bonuses on different stakes as I did a rolla and got lucky on BJ so I had 12 bonuses and still had a balance of around £200 so £120 in profit with them bonuses, my account was all of a sudden locked and they started asking for everything possibly wanted a blood sample haha was fuming at the time and basically they concluded with they believed my account was being used for money laundering not sure where they got that from, didn’t have time to question it or nothing they sent my £80 deposit back and banned me for life, after weeks of emailing and things like that there was nothing I could do, lost all them bonuses never got to open them and lost the £120 I was already in profit.

If I was you I’d find that card, if not your gonna be waiting a while to get your money and that’s questionable whether you will even get it at all