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farahtrousers WANTED $13

Weemonk23 wrote:

I always said to myself that should I win big I would treat myself to really high stakes spins. One day, probably 2 year back now, I won nearly £13k on DOA2 playing 90p spins.

It doesn’t help I’d had a couple of drinks as it was a Friday night but I stuck to my word and was playing £50 spins on Book of Dead. After £3k disappearing in lightning time I shit it. Rather than taking the money out I started doing £500 bonus buys on 2 games. Before you know it, I have £3k left. In retrospect, even cashing that out would have been really good but I spunked the entire balance.

This taught me (after feeling sick for days) to respect wins and cash out moving forward. Even if I was rich with £50k to throw away, I would never do stupid stakes again. Anyone doing the stakes the OP mentioned is playing with fake money or dumb as fuck because if you can spin at that value, you have more money than sense and shouldn’t be gambling.

There’s that minute chance that you would hit something ultimately amazing but the odds of the first 13,000x are idiotically small, to then follow it up with something that would be even 1/10th as good, labels close to impossible.

I’ve been lucky to cash out pretty much all my big wins and spend the majority on things we can use or need. So reading what you did makes me understand how sick you must feel and even me writing this must seem hard to see. I’d need half a lotto win to be “up” for all the slot gambling I have done over the years. Glad I gambanned. Wish I would fobt ban. Hardly any good luck stories there.