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ImperialDragon wrote:

With Wonky being mentioned here, I noticed the Bandit hasn’t played it for a while.  It’s still part of the artwork on this site, so is it still around, just not on as many casinos now?

If Wonky has gone completely though, what causes a game to be decommissioned?  I had the impression that it was a popular game.

2017 was the year I started following the Bandit.  In that year, he was rocking Flame Busters, Evolution, Joker Pro, Wish-Master, Hong Kong Tower, Koi Princess, Book of Dead, Ivanhoe and of course the BTG stuff like Bonanza, Danger and White Rabbit.

Wish master the most underrated game ever…my first “ what the fuck “ win came from wish,

im not sure if different casinos can have these games still, I had a casino that shut down the uk department recently and that one still had “when you wish” the original one running…so maybe possible these games still run somewhere, but I tend to agree with Bob, it’s a shame tho. The older generation (I feel ) would gravitate towards them today like i have over the last three weeks ..