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The devil WANTED $76

Doing anything attracts all walks of life in general but as far as the gambling/affiliate/streaming industry goes you can thank pretty much everyone who basically saw what originals like bandit and rolla have done and put their own spin on it for all the wrong reasons, I’m fully aware even bandit and rolla have obviously earned money but for the actual gambling entertainment I think that’s fully deserved and whether you like or watch others because rolla and bandit aren’t regulars on the scene as they used to be there all people in it for the business side of things which is fine to a certain extent but what bugs me is the acting like the people in their chats are their mates etc you know what I’m getting at.

Fruity, chips, angry slots, bob slots, azzi gambling, spin it in, lucky devil, I could go on and on but I haven’t came across one that I believe for one actually used to be a gambler and not an entertainer, aren’t heavily sponsored in some way shape or form, constantly bull shit and brain wash any viewers especially them mods jesus there like a little cult it’s embarrassing that adults go on like they do and then to top it off it’s all just a big front to get as much money out of people as they can.

Promoting the scummiest casinos, big giveaways to get as many people on board as possible, there ain’t a genuine one amongst them and anyone who is brainwashed or has fell for the BS is an utter clown, if I want to watch or see slots spinning away I’ll use my own money and make a deposit simple really, the occasional bandit video is good and the occasional rolla stream as they do crazy things I couldn’t possibly afford but the rest of them jumped on the bandwagon years ago and have gained success and money from the likes of bandit, rolla and a few other OGs the only difference is there not gamblers and will do anything for a sign up, sub or like, anyone stupid enough to entertain that you need to take a long hard look in the mirror.

Thanks for reading anyone with a brain I’m sure would agree!!