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farahtrousers WANTED $8

Smoothoperator wrote:

<p>You should worry more about your intentions for the year pal!!

That’s quite innocuous advice considering you have zero idea if I have any intentions for the year. I have a question for you but I daren’t ask it.

Smoothoperator wrote:

Because if you’re trying to come across as some sort of Comedian?,,. It’s not working!!

I am neither trying to be a comedian nor do I give two feathery ducks if it is working. The first, obviously, cancelling out the second.

Smoothoperator wrote:

I’ve read most of your comments and you do come across as slightly rude/inappropriate.

Would you like me to apologise because you can’t digest what I write ? I’m sorry for any banter. I posted zero hatred to you, any member of this forum, or bandit & co.

and one more thing… because i saw what you wrote the other day

Smoothoperator wrote:


I’m not your pal, friend or otherwise. Not understanding what I am saying and speaking to me like that in real life would be beyond inappropriate.

Come on girls. If you don’t like the banter or understand the contribution, jog on or ask. If I say something bad about you or someone you care about, point it out and I will happily apologise, genuinely.

As xbox clearly states, I mean no harm and actually haven’t posted anything more than banter except for one comment about one person who has nothing to do with this site.