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Seyahkram1977 WANTED $676

I think people who use gamstop should stay on it, and I say this with great respect , that the people using it don’t address the mental part of the problem…they stop playing and after 5 years think “ right I’m better now  “ but all they’ve done is pause the problem, they haven’t looked inward or got help for the mental  side of it…so they  play again and then rejoin gamstop because they fall down the  same hole. This is just my opinion but the break isn’t enough, it stops the rot but it doesn’t fix the rot, like all addiction some work  is also needed on the person, to figure out the why’ s and the how’s… so i say this with the greatest respect and sympathy, and the biggest  respect for the strength they had to start gamstop … but if you don’t add something like counselling to the gamstop action then gamstop alone is only delaying a future problem in the unlikely situation you are allowed to return to gambling site

ps I know a few of the good people  on here have had negative experiences and then been able to find a balance that works post gamstop which is awesome, but in generality after gamstop if people can access gambling sites they do find them selfs repeating the bad times…