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The devil wrote:

Just to clear up you can ask gamstop to remove you and they will did with me after 3 years of the 5 I was on but good luck finding a casino that 1 will take you back and 2 if they do take you back you have to jump through every hoop they have, I’ve been trying for nearly a year to re open my bet 365 account and it’s still not done even though I’ve been off Gamstop a lot of months now.

BTW this isn’t me giving people advice to leave GameStop this is just stating a fact you can actually leave Gamstop if they let you before your 5 years is up but you do also have to go through phonecalls with Gamstop and casinos to get an account back and be took off the register anyway basically once you sign up to gamstop regardless of how long your gambling life is pretty much over but there’s a reason people sign up in the first place so hey ho

I remember reading the opposite that they do not cut an exclusion short. The fact still remains true on their site FAQ.


GAMSTOP – REMOVING MY EXCLUSION –  Minimum Exclusion Period
1 year ago – Updated
Can I cancel my exclusion early?• No, we cannot remove anyone’s exclusion early. This is so that we can make sure the GAMSTOP scheme offers the best possible protection to vulnerable people.

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