Reply To: anyone had a 500 jackpot on 50p stake in bookies?

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markieb1985 wrote:

hope everyone is well


just wanted to ask if anyone has ever had the £500 on fobt slots on a 50p stake?

a few days ago i was lucky enough to get one on 50p

was playing a game called book of irish, in betfred, got the feature and the top symbol and 4 of them dropped on the very last spin giving me the jackpot.

i rarely play fobt slots and always thought could only get the jackpot on £1 or £2 stake

I had a £200 win on 20p stake with 4 top symbols book of irish. 5 would pay 500.  Had a few 500 jackpots on the old cops and robbers gold pots on 20p stakes. Once had a silver (about 280) and gold pot within 5 mins on a 20p stake.