Reply To: Slot suggestions for zee Bandit

Spinner07 WANTED $1

Slot suggestion PLZ PLZ MR BANDIT could you play the new Pizza Pizza Pizza you love your frankie fisherman well same company. Instead of mr fisherman you get pizza vans & they collect all the amounts get 4 & go to next level 10 spins x2 etc. If you can get the gold pizza van very rare had it once it goes off its tits & collects loads of amounts. Not gonna lie takes a while to hit wins & bonus but everytime i hit bonus ive had a good one & thats on 20p. Oh & if you play your choice but i tried with extra bet on didnt get bonus but without extra bet i had a lot. Gonna be cheeky & say also play the new updated christmas reel king with added coin collect feature but this one i personally didnt like but im not the bandit lol. Cheers Steve. GOOD LUCK.