Reply To: Big Bass Keeping It Reel Request

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UnluckyBloke wrote:

Ive been playing som big bass after watching bandit, I’ve gotta say, the keeping it reel version feels most satisfying because you can get some of the missed fish afterwards. Kinda like the scarab game where you get a chance to win in the end. I’ve hit the golden guy a few times already, even at level 2 for 500x.

They are probably all the same probability, but it’s immensely satisfying getting the ones that got away!

Have you guys tried it? What do you think?

At first I thought it was really bad and had no idea what it was even adding up the missed fish for. Thought I was going to get it at the end of the bonus but nah nothing. Then finally did get 2 golden dudes on x2 also so have since changed my opinion 👍