Reply To: Had to show you this – Spot the Hidden Blocker…!!

ulrichburke WANTED $4

Sorry – it’s come through as a clickable link, not as the actual picture.  Don’t know enough to know why. If you click on the link it’s still hilarious, though.

If someone explains to me how to upload pics. I’ll put it up here.  I’ve tried clicking on ‘Insert Bigwin’ but can’t make it work.  The pictures on Terabox, I’ve got the URL, I insert it in the Bigwin slot but I just get an empty white square with resizing handles.  Doesn’t matter how big I make the square, the picture never shows up.  It’s a .JPG – is it the wrong file format?

Yours puzzledly – hoping SOMEONE looks at the picture anyway – follow the link and double-click on the tiny image to make it screensized –