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When Hennessy got the red I backed Iran to win and over 0.5 goals(two singles) 11 on 58 back. Thoroughly deserved and sets up a cracker with Wales v England now especially if England lose to Usa.

Fucking Hennessy ….honestly the biggest liability we have, in big game he  always gets over excited, literally if he can catch a ball ….he’ll punch it, if he can’t get to a ball he’ll dive towards anyway so he’s on the floor rather than In goal … I mean what the fuck was the point of that challenge… it was 2 on 1 the lad want even in our box yet …yes I know my team like 20th in the world ….but fuck me..


in conclusion – I was not sat calmly on the sofa when that happened …

It was wild to say the least. Hope Wales beat England.