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Seyahkram1977 WANTED $676

Extrafun wrote:

I honestly felt that the power up videos were alot more enjoyable not just for me personally but even bandit seemed to enjoy them more, it was very pressure off in comparison to doing 40quid danger and being tens of thousands down having to chase.

Bandit if you did 60p we woudnt care even if you decide to only do a one deposit run, you go bust on that deposit video ends as long as we get to hear such classics as “that was about as fun as pouring acid down my piss pipe” we will be about 🙂

I’m kind of In The same school of thought, i genuinely watch for the vibe of the man rather than the £40 spin, so personally 60p wasn’t a big deal for me, and I agree with your last bit, people who have stayed even after the break just want to chill with him, he could say £100 when it’s gone it’s gone ( for example) and that’s cool because he’s setting  his own agenda, again it’s the preconception he has of what he needs to be to “keep us happy” and actually we’d be happy with a 1/4 of what he thinks…

and something else he said as well, it’s the goonies and the tops cats that were a hoot to watch and although bonus buys is a thing, the games I enjoyed the most were these random funny ones like naked gun or duckula,