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The devil WANTED $76

Moon beam is nothing to do with bet sizes? The bandit never mentioned anything about struggling financially so a don’t know why your saying what your saying, the reason he won’t be producing content is because the uk market is dead, I don’t make content and even I struggle to play the slots nowadays constantly spinning away one press at a time, playing numerous slots that are built for a bonus buy, then you land some super bonuses get excited and they don’t even pay 100x it’s utter BS, land an extra chilli or vikings unleashed gamble it lose and then spin another million spins for a bonus, I’ve seen loads of people say hope you make another video or this or that he states he will not be moving to Ireland nor will he produce a video within the uk so accept what the bandit has produced and leave him be, say cheers or whatever and leave it at that, am sure he has bigger and better things to think about than making a video he used to get shit for in the first place