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The Bandit wrote:

I mean, is that even a real rumour 😀 made me chuckle tbh.


It’s pretty common knowledge that i’ve separated from the wife – who would want to shout about that sort of thing though? We just ran our course and mutually went our own way. The old format of videos have simply become too expensive and time consuming to make now in the UK – all the high volatile games are totally set up for a bonus buy which i can’t do so it just seems they take the piss to land. I’m not moving to Ireland, i’m a gambler not a businessman.

The scene outside the UK has become a little bit of a joke to me, i’m seeing people supposedly spinning $1500, $2000, $2500 spins and winning millions when a bonus hits, i don’t watch any of these people enough to know whether they’ve explained how that works but remember all the utter shit i used to get for having the audacity to spin at £40?!

I spend a lot of time at the bar these days, suppose i’ve fallen in to a bit of a run where it’s pretty much the norm to go there for 5/6 hours, I haven’t been on social media much because when i’m not making videos and getting bonuses and wins, what exactly do i talk about haha I am still gambling, the odd Reel King session, long sessions on Dead or a Wild trying for the 5 symbols but tbh that is about it.

I’m alive, not in Jail, don’t spit in Police Officers faces during Covid or any of the other silly stuff that may be being said, I can easily be found around Wrexham most days.



Thanks for the update Bandit. Totally understand where you’re coming from I’m grateful for all the years of content you gave us, many of hours laughing to your ups and downs.

It feels a bit like falling out with a good mate now knowing I’ll probably never hear from you again, silly I know


but over the years it did feel like we all knew you a bit and now we know it’s officially over we will probably never cross paths again


I wish you all the best with the Future

I’m keeping subscribed just incase you ever decide to throw out any content (even on the power up channel)



Thanks again.