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Seyahkram1977 wrote:

The reason you we’re not innocent before proven guilty as you asked is because you did what guilty people do … you hid shit, and you knew to hide it quickly…

That’s kinda what I said on their YouTube comments on that video

It’s like walking into a room and somebody instantly hides their hands behind their back….. there might be nothing there but based on what you know of them or actions  you’re going to be wary even if they have nothing…. And you’re going to ask question even if they show nothing in their hands, what were you doing ? Why? What are you hiding ? And so forth

<span style=”font-size: 1rem;”>…’s just a shit way to deal with something -he could have checked first,  its not a stretch to believe that it could be fake just from the way he reacted, and he should know that his reactions and how and what he was reacting too would cause questions, others were found out in the exact same way ….so yeah he did clear this story but people are still wondering why he hid his hands so aggressively ……</span>

so I hope it’s a simple cock up like he says ( and I know Andy had a go too)  and not something set up by casinos to make it less obvious ( to be honest I think casinos and fake streamers are missing a trick if they could change the front page to show “ fun” irrespective of which mode you play no fucker would ever know )

I think andy123 points are valid too…