Reply To: Azzi Gambling Fake?

The devil WANTED $76

Problem is xbob and you’ve been round long enough if you ask any questions your a troll/hater all this is rubbish get banned instantly and get ganged up on brainwashed fools basically, it clearly states fun mode and there is no getting away from that, funny enough I saw a live stream by angry slots where he clicks on demo mode and must realise he done it in plain sight and like comes back out of it and clicks real mode and gives an explanation afterwards looked shady as hell to me so that tells me and any normal person there’s something going on, they play at skill on net casinos which it was actually in their terms and conditions at one point you couldn’t be an affiliate and play on their sites so something must have changed there as well, I cba with the whole gambling farce I literally watch rolla, little bit of 7 neighbours and bandit when he was making videos, I don’t trust any of them as far as I could throw them anybody who tells me chip is legit is a joke don’t even wanna start with him and the rest of them are just non gambling people doing it for business purposes and brainwashing people into following what they do and making money from them doesn’t get any simpler than that really