Reply To: Bandits anniversary

The devil WANTED $76

Got more chance of winning the lottery haha all the rumours I’ve heard over the last so many months a lot are quite funny there that bad but some are actually becoming more believable as time goes on, probably the biggest and most popular slot streamer has just ghosted, no replies on his own forum, nothing on social media.

Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that something fairly serious has happened in bandits life, don’t get me wrong UK content making/streaming must be hard work but others still manage to do it and to have not done anything for a year unless it’s really bad there is no excuse because if he was finished with the whole thing he would have said and that would have been a guarantee so whatever has happened I genuinely feel sorry for him because it can’t be good.

Seedy and xbob can say whatever they like on the matter, ‘he’s just not playing slots atm’ or whatever else they’ve said but as mates they have to say that, I mean I’ve heard some ridiculous rumours but ones such as he’s gone to prison and he is going through a divorce have popped up a lot more than others so I actually believe these types of ones because something serious has happened in my opinion.