Reply To: Boycott Bet 365

Smoothoperator WANTED $48

Can we just meet in the middle here and can I ask what your deposits was (ish) and what you big win was? Casinos do get weird when one wins constantly,.. I’ve had the same with White Hat Gaming casinos, I seemed to win and beat their wagering on every new site they invented..,,..,,!! Then Boom, I’m no longer allowed to play at their sites or join up to new casinos (WHGaming) related!! No excuse, JUST NO!!.  They won’t give me an excuse, it’s just a plain No!! Now what pisses me off is why did I need to do all the KYC for every WHG casino if they was monitoring me? Surely they are one company who tried to take advantage of myself but yet I prevailed.. then got blacklisted!! Wtf is that all about?