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The devil WANTED $76

Before all this came in, I could sit for hours playing slots enjoying every minute of it, I now generally am bored after an hour if not less and that’s if I haven’t been smashed before hand, I dunno whether that’s the idea behind it all, kill the uk slotting industry as you now are seeing and hearing a lot of casinos actually dropping out of the uk market, heard video slots are the next ones to be going so it’s not great tbh and there are still more things to be happening as far as the UKGC are concerned so personally and for many others I’m going to assume I think I will quit online altogether, because I actually seem to be losing more money than before when you could bonus buy etc.
So it hasn’t helped me in the slightest, I get bored of slots so I end up on tables and just spunk it all trying to win something decent at the end of my session the amount of times I’ve ended up just thinking fuck it all in on roulette or a BJ hand is crazy never in my life would I have ever put a BJ hand over like £20 quid, this year I must have done at least 10 hands between £70-£100 pound which is just silly when that’s my rough deposit amount, I just get that bored of spinning and instead of just leaving it for another day or withdrawing I try to leave with a profit and 9/10 it doesn’t work