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The devil WANTED $76

And that’s what pisses me off about you xbob I’ve agreed and disagreed with many things you have said and done on this forum and I’ve been very open with you about it said I’ve agreed when I have done and called you out when I believed you were in the wrong, however if you read what I said correctly you would understand I never said I would leave the forum or I would unsubscribe I said that’s what quite a few would end up doing if that was the case, hell if bandit doesn’t come back so be it if you’ve looked at things I’ve said in other threads I agree the whole thing is toxic and I wouldn’t do it that’s for sure so think you’ve mis read everything I’ve said and how I was saying it so before jumping to conclusions actually think before writing that’s the last I’ll say on that and you didn’t answer anything I said I know you won’t have the answers but that was the whole point of what I said, think he’s called Phil B on YouTube moderates for hideous and he has said that he has been told directly that the bandit won’t be back doing videos as he has said himself, so going off that can only be hideous who has mentioned that but that’s all I came to ask, no need to reply the way you did, meant to be an over 18s forum think it was fkn primary school